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infographic: sovereign wealth fund and foreign exchange reserves in the caspian region

Infographic: Sovereign Wealth Fund and Foreign Exchange Reserves in the Caspian Region

Author: Caspian Policy Center


The negative economic implications of the global COVID-19 crisis are difficult to overstate. The countries of the Caspian Region have closed their borders, suspended all air traffic, restricted the movement of people and non-essential goods domestically and internationally, as well as decreased volumes of economic production in an effort to slow down the spread of the pandemic and keep their populations safe. In the time of the economic downturn of this unprecedented scale, sovereign wealth funds and foreign exchange reserves play an important role in equipping governments with means of preserving economic and financial stability. The Caspian Policy Center compiled an infographic to illustrate the most recently available data on official sovereign wealth fund and foreign exchange reserves (including gold) assets in the Caspian Region.

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