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director of caspian policy center on president tokayev's state of the nation

Director of Caspian Policy Center on President Tokayev's State of the Nation

Author:Caspian Policy Center

Sep 5, 2019

President Tokayev addressed the nation pledging to listen to the citizens, strengthen civil society, develop a multi-party system, and diversify the economy. In the year ahead, I wish him and the people of Kazakhstan great success. Since its independence, Kazakhstan developed its statehood, economy and positioned itself as an important player in the global stage. Development of Kazakhstan’s energy resources in collaboration with international energy giants played a crucial role in moving Kazakhstan’s economic agenda forward. It is now remarkable to see the leadership’s focus and determination on diversifying the country’s economy in the areas of agriculture, finance, innovation, and connectivity. This will further unlock the real economic potential of Kazakhstan and create new jobs. It is important to acknowledge achievements and progress made by the people and the government of Kazakhstan and built on the quarter-century of success to reach new horizons. A stable, secure and prosperous Kazakhstan is in the the interest of the United States and the region. This article originally appeared on the Embassy of the Republic of Kazakhstan. In the photo: Efgan Nifti, Executive Director of the Caspian Policy Center.

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