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trending headlines from the caspian: october 11, 2021

Trending Headlines from the Caspian: October 11, 2021

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Oct 13, 2021

Energy and Economy

Kyrgyzstan Included in IMF’s Debt Relief List

Last week, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) included Kyrgyzstan in the list of beneficiary countries of the Catastrophe Containment and Relief Trust (CCRT). While Kyrgyzstan and Lesotho were only now added to the list, this is the fourth tranche in the framework of debt relief, and a total of 24 countries with eligible debt are receiving support. Within the framework of the fourth tranche, they will see a total of $124 million in debt forgiveness.

China Looks to Kazakhstani Coal Amidst Energy Crisis

Coal shortages in China have led to widespread blackouts. Last year, Beijing imposed an informal ban on products from Australia, one of its largest coal suppliers, when Canberra called for an independent investigation into the origins of COVID-19. China is looking for new sources and willing to overlook the expensive transport costs from Kazakhstan.

Kyrgyz Government Regulates Coal Prices

Kyrgyzstan has introduced temporary government regulation of coal prices to prevent an increase. The decision was made to ensure timely and stable supplies of fossil fuels for the population for the autumn-winter period of 2021-2022.

Uztransgaz To Borrow $300 Million From Gazprombank for Gas Pipeline Overhaul

Russia’s Gazprombank will provide Uzbekistan’s Uztransgaz with a loan of $300 million. The funds will be used for the construction, reconstruction and overhaul of 545 kilometers of gas pipelines, as well as the overhaul of compressor station installations.

Azerbaijan, Georgia, and Turkey Meet to Discuss Customs Cooperation

Georgian, Azerbaijani, and Turkish customs administrations held trilateral meetings in Izmir, Turkey. The parties discussed cooperation between the countries in the field of customs, law enforcement, as well as simplified control procedures for customs checkpoints, and electronic information exchange systems. The protocol on the establishment of a Tripartite Committee on Customs Issues between Georgia, Azerbaijan and Turkey was signed during the meeting.

Security and Politics 

Armenian Prime Minister Pashinyan Travels to Russia

 A visit will take place in Moscow between the Armenian Prime Minister Pashinyan and President Vladimir Putin on October 12. The meeting will focus on improving security and strengthening the Armenian-Russian relationship.

Azerbaijan Airlines Flies over Armenian airspace

For the first time in over three decades, Azerbaijan Airlines has flown over Armenian airspace. Azerbaijan also opened its airspace for Armenian civilian travel. This signals the potential for more collaboration and travel for the region.

 Iran Deploys Additional Military Equipment to Azerbaijan Border

Amid increasing tensions with Azerbaijan, Iran has deployed additional military equipment and troops to the north-west border with Azerbaijan. This comes after controversial military drills near the border carried out by Iran, as well as issues with cross border cargo transportation.

Kyrgyzstan Appoints New Chairman of the Cabinet

After dismissing the previous Chairman of the Cabinet, a prime minister like position, President Sadyr Japarov appointed Akylbek Japarov (no relation) to the spot. The new appointment comes during a period of economic hardship for Kyrgyzstan, and with Akylbek Japarov’s appointment, a new cabinet will need to be approved by parliament.

Uzbekistan Foreign Minister Flies to Afghanistan for Meeting

The Uzbek Foreign Minister Abdulaziz Kamilov travelled to Afghanistan signaling Tashkent’s increased communication with the Taliban. The meeting focused on energy, trade, and transportation projects, with additional discussion about restoring air travel between Kabul and Tashkent.

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