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strategic connectivity: the u.s./china competition in the caspian region

Strategic Connectivity: The U.S./China Competition in the Caspian Region

Author: Eugene Chausovsky

Nov 2, 2023

The concept of strategic connectivity has become increasingly important in shaping global affairs in the modern era, and perhaps nowhere is this more the case than in the Caspian region. With its strategic location in the center of the Eurasian supercontinent and its abundance of natural resources, the Caspian region relies heavily on connectivity for access to the outside world. These factors, along with its own economic, security, and political dynamism, have made the Caspian the focus of competition between great powers like the United States, China, and Russia. As Russia’s war in Ukraine and China’s contention with the United States for global economic supremacy have shown, this great power competition is only likely to intensify in the future. As such, Washington will need to adapt and enhance its connectivity approach in the Caspian to improve its position vis a vis Beijing and Moscow, while also benefiting Caspian states themselves.  



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