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special interview with uzbekistan ambassador javlon vakhabov

Special Interview with Uzbekistan Ambassador Javlon Vakhabov

Author: Caspian Policy Center

Jul 11, 2019

Ambassador of Uzbekistan to the United States Javlon Vakhabov recently sat down for a special interview with Caspian Policy Center Executive Director Efgan Nifti. Throughout the discussion, Ambassador Vakhabov utilizes the 3 C’s (corridors, connectivity, and cooperation) as focal points for discussion.

The interview is split into three parts: diplomacy, economy, and human rights.

In this exclusive interview, Ambassador Vakhabov underscores the potential expansion of bilateral trade between Uzbekistan and the United States, the noteworthy value the United States places on Uzbekistan’s role in the Greater Caspian Region, and Uzbekistan’s engagement with neighboring countries, as well as its northern neighbors.

In the photo: Ambassador of Uzbekistan to the United States Javlon Vakhabov speaking at the 4th Annual Trans-Caspian Forum in Washington, D.C./ © Trans-Caspian Forum 2019

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