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iran’s foreign debt increases by nearly 40 percent

Iran’s foreign debt increases by nearly 40 percent

Author:Caspian Policy Center

Apr 12, 2018

Iran’s foreign debt has increased by $412 million during the one-month period to Feb. 20, according to the country's Central Bank (CBI). Iran’s foreign debt reached ‎$10.758‎ billion by Feb. 20, the CBI said in a report released April 10. The figure was $7.783 billion by the end of 11th Iranian calendar month in the previous fiscal year (Feb. 20, 2017), which indicates that the Islamic Republic’s foreign debts has increased by 38.22 percent, year-on-year. The CBI report doesn’t include the deferred debts, which went over $2.38 billion by the end of the fiscal year to March 20, 2017. Iran’s short-term foreign debts amounted to $4.198 billion, while long-term debts stood at $6.56 billion by Feb. 20, according to CBI. Iran’s foreign debt was on decline from 2007 to March 2015, dropping from $28.647 billion to $5.108 billion. The country’s foreign debts stood at $19.185 billion in 2012, $7.682 billion in 2013 and $6.655 billion in 2014, according to the Central Bank of Iran. The foreign debt is a part of the total debt in a country that is owed to creditors outside the country. The debtors can be the government, corporations or private sector. The debt includes money owed to private commercial banks, other governments, or international financial institutions, such as the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank. Source: Trend News Agency

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