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assessing important developments on the middle corridor with changing world dynamics

Assessing Important Developments on the Middle Corridor with Changing World Dynamics

Author: Caspian Policy Center


Image source: CPC

On December 15, the Caspian Policy Center (CPC) hosted Dr. Taleh Ziyadov, the Director-General of the Baku International Sea Trade Port, to discuss the development of the Middle Corridor and the role the Port of Baku can play in this expanding transit route. Dr. Ziyadov offered his insight on the challenges impeding the current regional trade environment. The Middle Corridor has great potential to become one of Europe’s primary trade routes and sources of energy. Recently, with the ongoing war in Ukraine, the Middle Corridor has received international attention, and it has become paramount to expand the capacity of these routes to lead the way in European energy diversification efforts. However, its potential is still unmet as cargo capacity must first expand before trade volumes can increase through infrastructural development and synchronization of policies of all involved parties. The event was attended by the Washington policy community, including think tanks, international organizations, and government representatives.

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