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Caspian Connectivity Conference

Caspian Connectivity Conference

The Caspian Policy Center (CPC) will hold its first Annual Caspian Connectivity Conference in London. Policy, government, and business leaders from the United States, United Kingdom, and Caspian corridor countries will come together to discuss connectivity, energy, and economy in the Caspian region, as well as UK involvement and opportunity regarding such avenues. This conferenced will consist of two panel discussions which will illuminate on opportunities and challenges of UK-Caspian relations, especially through the lenses of energy security and investment.



10:30 AM – 11:15 AM Ambassadorial Panel


  • Representatives from Caspian country embassies (TBC)


11:15 AM – 11:45 AM Coffee Break


11:45 AM – 13:00 PM Expert roundtable discussions


  • Roundtable 1: Opportunities and challenges of energy and energy security in the region

In the past year, the countries of the Caspian Region have been working closer than ever with Europe and the United Kingdom. With the ensuing energy crisis, it has become clear just how important energy diversification is.


  • Roundtable 2: Areas for economic growth, investment, and development in the Caspian Region

Vast traditional and renewable energy reserves along with natural resources coupled with developing transport links establishes the Caspian countries as as a promising hub for international trade and investment.


13:00 PM – 14:00 PM Lunch reception