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Special Roundtable Event: The Future of the South Caucasus

Special Roundtable Event: The Future of the South Caucasus

The South Caucasus is facing a transformative era. Whilesecurity risks in Ukraine spill over into Europe, geopolitical volatility challenges traditional supply chains, and political fractures widen, economies in the Caspian Region are gaining immense economic and political significance. Conflicts in the South Caucasus are diminishing and possibly reconciling, with significant economic and diplomatic implications that have restricted the region's potential for decades. As a result, new opportunities are emerging for the three South Caucasus countries. Although logistical restraints and political disputes still remain, government and corporate officials are looking for new ways to steer the emerging trajectory of the region. 

In this expert panel, speakers will address areas of opportunity between the South Caucasus and international markets, potentialchallenges to enhancing cooperation across the Caspian Sea toCentral Asia, and the overall region’s post-conflict outlook.


The Caspian Policy Center is proud to host leading regional experts to discuss what concrete steps the South Caucasus can take to unlock its economic and diplomatic potential. 

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