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Annual Report 2021

Annual Report 2021

Author:Caspian Policy Center

Jun 13, 2022

Our 2021 Annual Report provides a concise overview of our activities and how we have come back from the COVID-19 pandemic stronger than we went into it. It highlights our key research products, events, and research trips to the region. In 2021 we, like the rest of the world, have worked to adapt to a world changed by the pandemic while still keeping our core activities operating at a high level.

The year has seen us shift to an event roster primarily hosted on Zoom. This enabled us to bring together experts from around the world to discuss the most important topics of the day in a timely virtual fashion. These events allowed us to host more inclusive, nimble events that responded to the issues as our experts saw them unfold. With the successful vaccine rollout in the United States, we were also able host limited in-person events, bringing together leaders from the Washington policy community.

Critically, we resumed travel to the region as soon as health circumstances and regulations made it possible. In 2021 we sent delegations to Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, and Uzbekistan to conduct meetings with representatives of government and the business community. On these trips we were able to hear firsthand how the disruptions of recent years have affected the people and economies of the regions. We greatly value our partnerships across the region and are eager to keep these relationships going as we work together to build a strong, sovereign, and more prosperous Caspian region.

We hope that this report will give you an understanding of the hard work we do and what our organization has achieved.


Efgan Nifti

Chief Executive Officer

Caspian Policy Center


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